About Us:
Our difference starts with our people

Elevate Cleans is a full-service resort housekeeping and facility services company that has cared for hundreds of vacation, residential, and commercial properties across the nation. Why do clients choose us? It starts with our people.

Better talent equals better results

At Elevate Cleans, we don’t simply hire staff; we invest in cleaning and maintenance talent—experts you can count on to care for the long-term value of your property. How do we guarantee you get better talent—and better results—every time? It’s simple:
  • Continuous training

    Every member of our team comes ready with the latest knowledge, products, and methods to deliver the deepest, most protective clean for your property.
  • Complete background checks

    All Elevate Cleans team members are completely eVerified and vetted via a background check and drug test before they can set foot on your property.
  • On-site leadership

    Our managers aren’t hidden away inside a corporate office. They’re on-site for every job, using their proven leadership to guide our team, proactively address your property issues, and ensure your job is done right the first time.
  • Secondary quality assurance checks

    We don’t simply trust that the job is done. We verify our work with unannounced quality assurance inspections and a secondary inspection after every clean.
  • Technology-enhanced dependability

    Our cloud-based tracking system keeps us accountable and on schedule, and allows our team and yours to monitor the status of the operation in real time.
  • Performance-based rewards

    We believe that if we take better care of our employees, they will take better care of our clients. Our proven compensation model measures and rewards talent for a job well done, with added incentives for team members who surpass expectations. It’s why we have one of the most committed staffs in the industry.

24/7 on-call service whenever you need us

A lot of unexpected issues can arise on any property. Keys get lost. Air conditioners break. Internet connections go down. That’s why we’re on-call 24/7, 365 days a year to handle any emergency maintenance issues and keep your guests and tenants happy.

Full-service solutions that drive value today and tomorrow

Our comprehensive solutions are custom designed to do everything you need to keep your property running spotlessly within your budget. That saves you time and money every day.
But just as importantly, our solutions are created with a long-term approach to care. Every product and treatment method is thoroughly evaluated and selected to ensure not just a deeper level of clean, but protection for the life of your investment. Learn more about our resort services or our commercial services.